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Best List of Fun Things to do When You’re Stuck in the House

Fun Things to do When You're Stuck in the House

Picture this: It’s a rainy or snowy Saturday afternoon or maybe your hay fever is acting up and staying indoors is the safest option. Slowly you feel the walls around you begin to creep in, you’re starting to feel a little stir crazy, a little cabin feverish.

Never fear, True Local Heroes is here, with the ultimate list of things to do when you feel bored. Bookmark this blog post somewhere so that you can always use it as your guiding star for creating joy and meaning when you can’t think of what to do to keep busy.

Creative Escapades

Creative Escapades

Creative Escapades

DIY Home Projects
You know what they say: everything is better when you care for it. So how about organizing a messy drawer, dusting your bookshelf or shining your sink? When you do something that makes your space beautiful, you will feel good about yourself too.

Indoor Photography
Who said stunning photography needs exotic locations? A splash of sunlight through the window or a cozy corner adorned with books can be your next Instagram sensation. Learning basic photography skills, playing with shadows, and creating stories through images can turn ordinary objects into extraordinary visual tales. You can even take a pic of the corner that you cleaned or the sink that you shined and post it online. Maybe that will inspire someone else too!

Arts and Crafts
Release the dormant Picasso within you by engaging in art and craft activities! Whether it’s getting lost in the swirls of paint, folding paper into delicate origami creations, or crafting a scrapbook of memories – art provides a canvas to color outside the lines of our everyday life.

Culinary Adventures

Experimenting with New Recipes
Is there an aroma more enchanting than that of freshly cooked food? Experimenting with new recipes allows us to travel the world through our taste buds, exploring the culinary magic of different cultures, and bringing the zest of global cuisines right into our kitchens.

Baking Bliss

Baking Bliss

Baking Bliss
The allure of baking lies not just in the heavenly taste of freshly baked goods but also in the joyous mess of flour, eggs, and sugar! Baking allows us to knead our worries away, producing creations that are a treat to both the eyes and the soul.

Cooking Challenges
Why not bring the thrill of “MasterChef” into our own kitchens? Cooking challenges, like trying to perfect a macaron or re-create a favorite restaurant dish, infuse an element of playful competition into the culinary experience.

Physical Activities

Indoor Fitness Routine
Aligning the mind, body, and soul through an indoor fitness routine – be it the fluidity of yoga, the discipline of Pilates, or the high energy of a workout session – grants us a daily dose of invigorating freshness. Youtube has so many wonderful and talented fitness instructors, there’s someone for everyone.

Dance Parties

Dance Parties

Dance Parties
Why wait for the weekend club when we can have a dance party right in our living room? Groove to the nostalgic beats of the ’90s or sway with the latest pop hits – and behold, the spirit of joy permeates through the room!

Organizing Mini-Olympics
A mini-Olympics at home, with fun, light-hearted games like sock-slide racing or cushion hopping, isn’t merely an activity but a treasure trove of hearty laughs and cherished memories.

Mental and Emotional Wellness

Mindfulness and Meditation
Navigating through the tranquil waters of mindfulness and meditation guides us towards a harbor of inner peace, providing a serene escape from the tumultuous waves of daily life.

Journaling and Reflecting

Journaling and Reflecting

Journaling and Reflecting
Amidst the pages of a journal, we find a safe haven where our thoughts flow unhindered, allowing reflection and introspection to weave a tapestry of self-awareness and gratitude.

Virtual Socializing
In an era of digital connection, virtual socializing bridges the physical distances and stitches together moments of togetherness, allowing us to share, care, and be there for our loved ones. So pick up the phone or send a text and check in with that friend.

Entertainment and Relaxation

Movie and Series Marathons
In the cozy nook of our homes, movie and series marathons unfold realms of otherworldly experiences, transporting us through tales of love, adventure, mystery, and so much more.

Reading and Exploring Books
Reading invites us into worlds crafted by words, where we sail on adventures with pirates, solve mysteries with detectives, and explore lands of magic and wonder.

Gaming Galore

Gaming Galore

Gaming Galore
Be it the strategic conquests of board games or the virtual battles in video games, gaming engulfs us in a universe where fun and excitement reign supreme.

Here’s a selection of award-winning podcasts:

And so much more, you can check where you get your podcast online for more.

Why not relax on the couch while being transported to another world with an audiobook.

Educational Pursuits

Online Courses and Workshops
The quest for knowledge finds a path through online courses and workshops, opening doorways to learning, skill enhancement, and mastery in varied fields.

DIY Science Experiments
The wonder of DIY science experiments, like crafting a homemade volcano or creating rainbow in a jar, unravels the mysteries of science in the most playful and enchanting manner.

Learn a New Language

Learn a New Language

Learn a New Language
Embracing a new language is akin to weaving a bridge that connects us to new cultures, stories, friendships, and an enriched perspective towards the world.

Learn How to Play Chess or Backgammon Online
It’s challenging, it’s fun and it’s engaging. Why not give it a try. There’s an app for that, check your phone’s app store.

From the canvas of creativity to the culinary experiments; from the physical vitality to the serene introspection; from the thrilling adventures in games to the enlightening path of learning, each activity paints a unique stroke in our mosaic of indoor adventures.

And now, dear reader, we pass the quill to you! What tales will you weave in your homely haven? Share your adventures, thoughts, and stories in the comments below, and let’s together craft a tapestry of joy, creativity, and togetherness. Subscribe to our newsletter for a regular dose of fun and creativity, and share this blog with your fellow home adventurers to spread the joy!

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