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Access Denied

Decoding “Access Denied” at True Local Heroes 

At True Local Heroes, some features are reserved 🚫for specific account types, ensuring safety and fairness. If you’re seeing “Access Denied” on a page, here’s a quick lowdown:

Why “Access Denied”?

The “Access Denied” error message occurs when you attempt to access a listing or feature that is restricted to certain account types or subscription packages. Sometimes, if there’s a report of inappropriate content or a complaint, we will restrict your account while we review the matter. In that case, you will receive an email from us to explain what happened and the next steps. 

This “Access Denied” restriction is in place to ensure the security and privacy of our users and to provide fair access to our platform’s features.

What’s Next?
  1. Upgrade: Eager for access? Consider leveling up your account. ⬆️
  2. Check Subscriptions: Read through our available packages and pick the one that matches your needs best.  🎟️ 
  3. Reach Out: Confused about why you are seeing the message? Our friendly support team is just a message away.  Navigate to our contact form, choose billing from the drop-down field, and shoot us a message. 💌

Unraveling “Access Denied” lets you sail smoothly on True Local Heroes. Need a hand? We’re here! 🚀 Thanks for being a shining part of our community! ✨

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