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Changing or Resetting Your Password

Changing Your Password 🛡️🔑

Hello TLH member,

Safety first, right? 😊 Let’s guide you smoothly through updating your password.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Navigate to the ‘My Account’ page. Think of this as your dashboard, the heart of your TLH activities.

Step 2: Spot the ‘Profile & Settings’ option on the left sidebar? Click on it. This is your go-to spot for managing profile details.

Step 3: Time for a change? Click on the ‘Change Password’ tab.

Step 4: Begin by entering your current password. It’s like a quick handshake
before the update.🤝

Step 5: Now, craft your new password. Remember, a mix of characters and symbols adds strength! 💪

Step 6: Double-check by re-entering your new password.

Step 7: All set? Just click on the ‘Change Password’ button to seal the deal.

With your fresh password in place, continue your TLH journey with confidence.

And a golden rule: Always keep your password to yourself. 🤫

Stay secure and happy connecting! 🔒🌟

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