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Editing a Review You Wrote

Editing a Review: All You Need to Know

Hello, marvelous True Local Heroes community! 🌟

Feedback and reviews help our platform thrive, making it a beacon for trust and genuine experiences. However, we understand sometimes you may want to tweak that review you’ve left. Here’s a little insight into our review editing policy:

One Shot, Make It Count!
  • Once you’ve penned down your thoughts and submitted a review on True Local Heroes, that review is set in stone (or in this case, digital stone!).
  • For integrity and transparency, we do not permit edits to reviews once they’ve been posted.
  • This policy ensures that every feedback remains genuine, unaltered, and true to the moment it was written.
Regret an Error? What to Do:
  • Reaching Out: If you genuinely believe there was a mistake or an oversight in your review, consider reaching out to the Hero or Neighbor directly to discuss and possibly resolve any concerns. 
  • Another Job, Another Chance: If after some time, you have a new experience and wish to share it, you can leave another review. However, remember that every review reflects a specific experience and should be genuine.
Why This Policy?
  • It’s all about trust! We want to ensure that every review on our platform stands as an honest reflection of an experience, ensuring our community can always rely on the feedback provided.

If you feel that a review is malicious then you can contact our support team.

Thanks for understanding, and for being such an integral part of our superhero community!

Keep shining and sharing those invaluable experiences. 🚀💌

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