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Setting Up Your Profile

Becoming the Hero (or Neighbor)
You’re Meant to Be! ✨

Hey there, Heroes and Neighbors!

Ready to shine bright in your True Local Heroes community? Setting up and editing your profile is the first step to becoming an active part of your vibrant community. Whether you’re a Hero or a Neighbor, here’s a walkthrough to guide you:

Start your journey by navigating to the My Account page. This is your personal dashboard – where all the magic begins!

On the left sidebar, a little bit down the page, you’ll see Profile & Settings. Give that a click! This is where you get to showcase who you are and what makes you unique. 

Time to step into the limelight! On the right, you’ll find the Personal Info tab. It’s your personal stage, waiting for your details to light it up.

Go ahead, be as creative, warm, and engaging as you want to be, but remember not to share personal or identifying information here for your own safety. Please also be mindful of our content policies. 

Remember to save so your profile is updated. 

All done? Fantastic!

Your profile’s all set, and you’re ready to embark on exciting adventures in the world of True Local Heroes.

Remember, whether you’re here to help a Neighbor or seeking a Hero, always bring your best self to every interaction. It makes all the difference.

So shine on, you crazy diamonds! 🌟🚀🤝

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