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Expanding Your Hero Reach

Accessing Neighboring Zip Codes After You Turn 18 🌍

For safety and security, we limit Heroes under 18 to sign up and showcase their listings only in their own zip code. But guess what? Once you hit the big 1-8🎈, you can spread your wings 🕊 and fly into the service areas of neighboring zip codes!

Why Access Neighboring Zip Codes?

When you cast your net wider:

  • Increase your visibility🔍: Get seen by more Neighbors seeking your heroic services.
  • Boost your customer base📈: More zip codes mean more opportunities.
  • Expand your impact💪: Serve and make a difference in a larger community.
Steps to Expand Your Service Area:
  1. Login First: Dive into your True Local Heroes account.
  2. Membership: Upgrade your membership to the package you desire (Silver or Super). Once you have upgraded, refresh the page and head over to your Profile Page.
  3. Placing Listing in New Zip Codes: Now when you create your listings (or edit older listings) you will see a list of all your neighboring zip codes in which you can publish listings. 

It’s as easy as cutting a birthday cake, but if you encounter any stumbling blocks, simply reach out to us.

Always at your service,
Your True Local Heroes Team 🌟

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