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How It Works

Everyday Heroes, Right at Your Doorstep!

Life’s to-do list has a funny way of growing, doesn’t it? When tasks mount and time seems scarce, why not turn to someone local who is ready and willing to help? At True Local Heroes, that’s exactly what we’ve designed for.

Here’s a quick guide to our community:

📌Who Is It For?

True Local Heroes is for Neighbors on the lookout for some extra hands and for Heroes eager to lend theirs. If you need help or if you can offer it, you’re in the right place.

💡 How Does True Local Heroes Work?
  • It’s so easy. First, create an account as a Hero or Neighbor.
  • Next, set up your profile.  Remember the best profiles have the kind of detail that show you are a real person. So feel free to be as creative and descriptive as you like. A profile picture isn’t about looks as much as it is about trust, so be sure to add yours.
  • Create your listing. What is a listing? If you’re a Hero, you use your listing page to describe the services you offer.
  • If you are a Neighbor, browse the amazing Heroes and their superskills to find the help you need.
  • Communication happens through our secured TLH inbox. And don’t worry; personal details (like emails, addresses, and phone numbers) stay private until you are ready to share them.
  • Discussing job details and payment? That’s a direct chat between you and the other party.
  • We always advocate safety. Before meeting someone new from our platform, please read through our safety guidelines.
👥 What About Younger Members?
16- 18

Absolutely! Those aged 16 and above are welcome to join True Local Heroes. Anyone aged 16 to 18, will need parental consent to join the platform. A guardian from the same neighborhood has to oversee the signup process, verify their identity, and give consent for their child to be on the platform.

Moreover, while adult Heroes can extend their services to nearby zones, our younger Heroes focus solely on the particular neighborhood they reside in. That’s to keep everyone safe.

Young Adults

We love empowering young adults to earn while they learn. So those who are studying away from home or still living at home, we have created a help center article here with information about signup and verification.

🔐 Safety is Our Priority.

Our platform places the utmost importance on trust and safety. We’ve implemented a number of measures to ensure the safety of our community.

  1. We utilize a comprehensive identity verification system to ensure all members are genuine and reside in the claimed neighborhood.
  2. Moreover, we check every new member against the National Sex Offender Registry. Should a new member be found on the registry, their profile will be immediately deactivated.
  3. We have also integrated AI technology that continuously screens the platform for inappropriate content.
  4. We are all about keeping it heroic in our communities and have a strict set of guidelines for prohibited content and behavior. If members violate these guidelines, their accounts will be permanently suspended.
Changing Lives, One Hero at a Time!

At True Local Heroes, we believe in community strength. Here’s to neighbors helping neighbors and making everyday-life that much easier!

We are rolling out True Local Heroes across the nation.

Add your name to be notified when we launch in your neighborhood, and get an amazing pre-enrollment discount!