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ID & Verification

Safety First: Why We Verify

1. Why we verify identities on True Local Heroes? 🛡️

We strive to create secure communities of trust in each neighborhood on the platform. Verifying the identity of new members ensures that people have peace-of-mind that both Heroes and Neighbors are who are who they say they are and live where they say they live. 

2. I’m a Hero! Why do I need to verify? 🦸‍♂️

By verifying your identity, Neighbors can confidently seek your services and know you are who you claim to be and that you live where you claim to live.

3. As a Neighbor, why should I verify? 🏡

Your Hero needs to know they’re communicating with someone who genuinely resides in their local community. It’s a two-way street of trust.

4. Young Heroes between 16-18; what’s the process? 🌟

If you’re a Hero in this age range, your parents will complete the verification process and give their consent for you to be on the platform. It’s all about ensuring the safety of our younger champions.

5. Does this process cost me? 🎫

Nope! Verifying your identity is free to you. It’s our investment in a safer, more trusting community.

6. How often do I need to verify? 🔍

Just once! After the initial verification as a Hero or a Neighbor, you’re all set. The exception is if you want to be both a Hero and a Neighbor. In that case, you will have to create a second  account and go through the identity verification process again. You can read more about that here.


How It Works

There are two ways to verify your identity:

Option 1: Through our third party Identity Verification provider who will send you a link and you use your phone to scan your drivers licence and take a selfie.

Option 2: Schedule a 2 minute video call with a member of our Verification Team who you will show your ID to.

The best document to use for ID verification is your driver’s licence because it has a picture of you and your address on it. 

However; in the following instances additional documentation will be required to verify you:

  1. If the address on your driver’s license is not in the same zip code that you would like to register in (for example if you moved to a different neighborhood or you are a student living away from home).
  2. If you used a passport to sign up.

In these instances, you will be asked to provide an additional proof of residence. You can read more about that here.

If you have neither a passport nor a driver’s licence you can find out more here about our Manual Identity Verification process.

Where does my ID information reside

Your information is stored securely in Onfido (our third-party identity verification partner), for a limited period of time after which it is permanently deleted. Onfido’s Identity Verification services are audited at least annually against the SOC 2 framework by third-party auditors. SOC 2 is widely regarded as one of the most rigorous and respected security auditing standards.

When you choose the video verification option, there is no recording created and as such your sensitive information is not in our posession.

How We Keep Your Information  Secure

True Local Heroes only allows authorized employees who have undergone rigorous screening to access any original information needed for manual verification. Once you are verified, any documents you may have provided are permanently deleted from our system.

Need more information?

Check out our Privacy Policy.


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