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Messaging Magic on TLH: Everything You Need to Know! ✉️🌟

Hello Super Neighbors and Heroic Helpers!

Ready to dive deep into the world of True Local Heroes messaging?

Whether you’re a seasoned conversationalist or just starting, here’s the lowdown on ensuring smooth and enjoyable chat experiences!

For you to read or send messages, be sure to log in to your True Local Heroes account.

Once logged in, you can click or tap on any message thread to catch up on existing chats or start a fresh one.

Interested in a Hero’s services? Want to reply to a Neighbor’s enquiry? Just shoot them a message on the platform.

Want to reach out to someone but can’t? If you can’t read from or send messages to a particular user, they might be suspended or have paused or deactivated their account. Contact our support team if you have any questions or concerns.

And there you have it!

With these steps in your pocket, your True Local Heroes messaging journey will be breezy, informative, and downright delightful.

Here’s to amazing chats and heartwarming connections! 💌🥂

We are rolling out True Local Heroes across the nation.

Add your name to be notified when we launch in your neighborhood, and get an amazing pre-enrollment discount!