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Renewing Your Subscription

Here’s a Quick Guide on how Subscription Renewals Work on Our Platform:

Automatic Renewals

Just like the commitment our heroes bring to their communities, your subscription to True Local Heroes is renewed automatically. This ensures you’re always in the loop, connected, and ready to engage!

Thinking of Canceling?

We totally understand. Life happens! After you’ve canceled your account you will still have access to all of the features that you paid for until the end of your subscription period. Once your current subscription period ends, you will still be able to sign into your account for a further 14 days after which your account will be put into cozy hibernation mode should you wish to ever return. 

How to Cancel

Find out here.

Our community thrives with you in it! So, whether you’re here to stay or thinking of taking a break, we value your choice. And remember, the neighborhood will always welcome you back.

Got more questions? Our help center is packed with answers, or you can drop us a line anytime.

We’re here to support you every step of the way!

Shine on! 🌟

We are rolling out True Local Heroes across the nation.

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