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Request for Data from Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Data Request Policy for True Local Heroes (TLH)


True Local Heroes (TLH) acknowledges the crucial role of law enforcement in maintaining safety and order within our community. This policy details the procedure for law enforcement agencies to request user information from TLH, ensuring a balance between upholding public safety and protecting user privacy. This policy is applicable exclusively within the United States.

Requesting User Information

To submit a request for user information, law enforcement officials should utilize our Contact form, selecting “Safety” from the dropdown menu. This action initiates a ticket, facilitating efficient communication and processing of the request. Please start by providing the following basic information:

  1. Your official contact information, including name, title, and department, as well as your agency’s physical address, phone number, and email address. TLH will typically only respond to emails that are from official law enforcement email domains.
  2. All known contact details of the individual(s) in question, such as names, aliases, email addresses, and phone numbers.
Once we have received your initial request we will contact you to provide additional information:

– A detailed description of the information requested, why you are requesting the information, the alleged crime you are investigating, and how the information you are requesting is relevant to the alleged crime under investigation.

– The applicable law under which you are making this request.
– Any applicable legal provisions should you request that we do not disclose the data request to the user.

Criteria for Valid Requests

All law enforcement data requests must adhere to the following criteria:

– Be typed and submitted in PDF format.
– Be on official law enforcement letterhead.
– Be duly signed and stamped by an authorized law enforcement officer.
– Comply with all applicable U.S. laws and regulations.

User Notification

At True Local Heroes (TLH), we strive to maintain transparency with our users while also complying with legal obligations. When we receive a valid Law Enforcement Request seeking user data, our policy is to make reasonable efforts to notify the affected user(s), allowing them the opportunity to seek protective relief, unless specific conditions apply.

Conditions for Withholding Notification

TLH will withhold notification to the user(s) identified in the Law Enforcement Request in the following circumstances:

1. A separate court order explicitly requires TLH to delay or withhold notification.
2. Legal provisions prohibit TLH from notifying the user.
3. TLH, in its sole discretion, determines that notification would be futile, ineffective, or could pose a risk of injury, harm, or damage to an individual, group, or TLH’s property.

Legal Compliance for Delayed Notification

All delayed notification and non-disclosure orders issued to TLH must be in compliance with 18 USC § 2705(b). Any court order mandating non-disclosure must include a judicial determination that there is reason to believe notification could lead to one or more of the following adverse outcomes:

– Endangering the life or physical safety of an individual
– Flight from prosecution
– Destruction of or tampering with evidence
– Intimidation of potential witnesses
– Seriously jeopardizing an investigation or unduly delaying a trial

The non-disclosure order must also specify the duration for which it remains in effect.

Judicial Review

In line with our commitment to user transparency and in adherence to our legal responsibilities, TLH may request the initiation of a judicial review for any non-disclosure order associated with a national security letter, ensuring the lawful and fair treatment of user data in accordance with our terms of service and privacy policy.

Emergency Requests

For situations requiring immediate action to prevent harm or danger, law enforcement officials are encouraged to explicitly state the urgency of the request. TLH will prioritize such requests to ensure timely response in critical situations.

By adhering to these guidelines, TLH aims to foster a collaborative environment with law enforcement, balancing community safety with individual privacy rights. Our commitment to transparency, integrity, and the wellbeing of our community is unwavering, as we work together toward a safer, more secure world.

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