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Responding to Reviews

What You Need to Know

Hello, stellar True Local Heroes members! ✨

Reviews are a wonderful way to gauge experiences, gather feedback, and grow. We often get inquiries about responding to these reviews, so here’s a clear lowdown on our policy:

Let’s Set It Straight: No Direct Responses Here.

At True Local Heroes, we’ve designed our platform with simplicity and authenticity in mind. Currently, there’s no direct feature to respond to reviews on the platform. Our primary goal is to keep interactions straightforward and prevent any back-and-forth that can sometimes muddy the waters of genuine feedback.

But What if a Review Seems Unfair or Malicious?
  • We understand that not every review will be positive, but if you believe a review is genuinely malicious, unfair, or violates our community guidelines, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
  • Your trust and safety are paramount. We’re here to ensure the platform remains a positive and productive space for everyone.
So, How Can You Address Feedback?
  • Personal Outreach: If you feel the need to address a review, consider reaching out personally to the reviewer. A one-on-one conversation can provide clarity, address concerns, and possibly lead to improved relations.
  • Learn and Grow: While you can’t respond directly, every piece of feedback is an opportunity. Take reviews as constructive input and see where you can make improvements or continue doing great!
Why This Structure?
  • We aim to keep True Local Heroes a platform of authenticity and trust. By not having a direct response feature, we hope to encourage genuine, unbiased feedback that prospective Heroes and Neighbors can rely on.

Thank you for being the heart and soul of our community, and for embracing feedback with grace and a growth mindset!

Keep soaring high and making a difference, one neighborhood at a time. 🌍❤️🚀

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