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Joining True Local Heroes: A Teen’s Guide

Hello Future Heroes! 🌟

Welcome to True Local Heroes, where your energy, passion, and skills can make a real difference in your neighborhood!

Teens under 16: for safety and security you will need to wait until you are 16 to join your True Local Heroes community. So practice those super skills and sign up soon.

Teens over 16 but under 18:  we are here to guide you on how to join our vibrant community! Please read on.

 πŸš€ Getting Started: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Parental Involvement:

A parent or guardian will need to sign up on your behalf. They will go through the ID verification process and give consent for you to join the platform.

2. Choose the Blue Hero package:

Sign up for free as a Blue Hero! This allows you to advertise up to three listings exclusively in your neighborhood.

3. Create Your Profile:

With your parent or guardian, work together to create your profile and your listings in a way that honestly showcases your skills, interests, and the times you are available.

Navigating the Platform

1. Offer Your Services:

Whether it’s pet sitting, lawn mowing, or tutoring, your services can make a significant impact. Agree on the time and place to complete the task and deliver your service with excellence and integrity.

 πŸ’™ Responsibilities of a Hero:

1. Maintain Integrity:

Be honest about your skills and availability. Clear communication is key to building trust within the community.

2. Stay Safe:

Always ensure that a parent or guardian is aware of your whereabouts and engagements within the platform.

3. Create Impact:

By sharing your unique skills and talents, you’re contributing to the well-being and development of your local community. Every act of service counts in making your neighborhood a better place!

Ready to dive in? Have your parent or guardian start the process and begin your heroic journey in your neighborhood!

We are rolling out True Local Heroes across the nation.

Add your name to be notified when we launch in your neighborhood, and get an amazing pre-enrollment discount!Β