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TLH’s Review Policy

True Local Heroes Review Policy ⭐

Hey, True Local Heroes Family!

We’re all about connecting, supporting, and celebrating our local Heroes and fantastic Neighbors. Our review system is at the heart of this mission.

Here’s how we ensure it stays strong and true!
  1. Keep It Real: Reviews should reflect genuine experiences between Neighbors and Heroes. Authenticity is our superpower, so no tall tales, please!
  2. Be Kind and Constructive: Constructive feedback is golden, but remember: everyone deserves kindness. No capes or masks can hide rudeness!
  3. No Rewards for Reviews: Your insights are valuable! Let’s keep them genuine and free from external incentives.
  4. Stick to the What Happened: Chat about your direct experience and avoid sharing personal info or off-topic tales.
  5. Share While It’s Fresh! The best reviews are recent ones. Leave a review soon after your experience to capture all the details.
  6. One Review per Job: Every job gets one spotlight moment. Got updates? Consider direct communication.
  7. Reviews are Permanent: Written in (almost) permanent ink once penned, reviews stay put on our platform. However, if you believe there’s an issue, give us a shout, and we’ll have a look.
  8. Our Guiding Hand: Our team keeps an eye on reviews, ensuring our platform remains a beacon of trust and community.

So, whether you’re stepping into the shoes of a Hero or sharing your journey as a Neighbor, let’s harness the power of reviews to make True Local Heroes the most vibrant community space! ⭐🚀🎈

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