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Trust & Safety Guidelines

True Local Heroes Safety and Trust Policy 🛡️❤️

Hey Heroes and Neighbors,

At True Local Heroes, our aim is for Heroes and Neighbors to feel safe with one another and to create local communities of trust. To build trust and safety we implement the following procedures:

Our Safety Protocols:
  1. Identity Verification: Before joining the True Local Heroes ranks, everyone needs to confirm their identity. It helps us know you’re genuinely part of your local community. 📍✅
  2. Safety Scans: No room for the bad guys here! We check relevant sex offender registries to ensure our platform’s safety. 🔍🚫
  3. Privacy First: We keep contact details off listings to respect and protect everyone’s privacy. 📞🚫
  4. Age Limits: Members under 16 can’t create accounts. Those aged 16-17 need parental permission to use the platform. And until you are over 18, you can only list in your own zip code. 
Hero Best Practices:
  1. Listing Tips: When creating your listings, describe yourself and the skills that you bring, but never provide any specific identifying information such as your last name, email address, phone number, or address in your listing. 📝🔐
  2. Job Prep: Before diving into a task, ensure you have full clarity on the location, duration, pay, and expectations of the job. Find out who will be present at the job site. 🛠️🤔
  3. Safety Check: Introduce a ‘Trust Buddy’ system – let a friend or family member know where you’ll be and with whom. Check in with them before and after your task. 📱👫
  4. Intuition is Key: If something feels off when you arrive at a job site, trust your gut. It’s okay to prioritize safety over courtesy. 🚪❤️
  5. Feedback Matters: After a task, sharing reviews helps the community grow stronger and safer. Encountered an issue? Inform our support team. 💌🌟
Neighbor Best Practices:
  1. Initial Contact: Keep your initial conversations on our platform. It’s for everyone’s safety! 💬🔐
  2. Job Clarity: Provide clear details to Heroes about the task, payment, and expectations that you have for successful completion of the job. 📋💰
  3. Safety Check: Just like our Heroes, keep a ‘Trust Buddy’ informed about your appointment with the Hero. 👥🔊
  4. Trust Your Instincts: If things don’t feel right when meeting a Hero, it’s okay to pause and reassess. 🛑🤔
  5. Feedback is Gold: Sharing your experience helps others make informed choices. And if you ever feel unsure about a review, we’re here to help. 🌈✍️
How We Handle Your Data:

Your data is precious. Only a select few from the True Local Heroes team and necessary third-party service providers have access to it. We use secure encryption, and upon request, we delete personal data in line with legal guidelines. 🔒💾

Together, let’s make True Local Heroes a safe, trustworthy, and vibrant community for all! 🌟🤗

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